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Disposable vapes formerly known as Elf Bar will no longer carry the name “Elf Bar” in the United States starting in March 2023 due to a trademark lawsuit. The popular BC5000 vape devices will still be sold with identical quality vape flavors and components, they will simply say “Designed and Powered by EBDESIGN” on the package. EBDESIGN vapes will continue to provide the highest quality performance for adult vapers. Find EBDESIGN vapes here.

Elf Bar

EB BC5000

The 5000 puff EB disposable vape is a rechargeable vape device that contains a 650mAh battery and a prefilled vape tank. All BC5000 vapes (formerly branded as "Elf Bar") going forward will continue to have the same incredible flavor and performance. Each BC5000 vape contains a 50mg nic salt vape juice for a strong nicotine hit for adult vapers. All BC5000 vape flavors are charged with a USB-C charging cable. Cable is not included with purchase.



The TE6000 vapes from EBDESIGN provide the latest in disposable vape technology. Each TE6000 vape produces unparalleled flavor in every puff and lasts for up to 6,000 puffs per device. Shop all TE6000 vape flavors today at Mi-Pod.



Refillable vape pod devices are small, lightweight, and portable vapes that contain a rechargeable battery. Refillable vape pods are more cost-effective than prefilled vapes because you can typically get 3-5 refills out of each vape pod. These low powered devices usually work best with nic salt vape juice flavors and provide vapers more flexibility when it comes to nicotine strength and flavor options.


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